Race to First Oil Seminar

Race to First Oil Seminar

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After 48 years of exploration, Namibia could find itself the third largest oil producer in Sub Saharan Africa within a decade..

Socio-economic Benefits & Namibia's Fiscal Share of the Oil Discoveries - Potential Namibian Economy Diversitification - Mtundeni Ndafyaalako

Namibia Petroleum Agreements (PA’s): Government is entitled to receive a share of any successful project once production has started..

Nonrenewable high energy sources that are used to cater for majority of the world’s energy needs..

The hydrogen molecule (H2), which is sometimes called “dihydrogen”,..

Midstream refers to the transportation and storing of crude oil and refined products..

The oil and gas industry’s first sector which includes licensing, exploration, appraisal, development, production and abandonment..

Traditionally, upstream petroleum sector high risk, capital intensive, technologically driven, high import content for specialist goods..