Data & Technical Information

NAMCOR is the custodian of all the Namibian Exploration and Production data; therefore it is NAMCOR’s responsibility to provide this data to potential investors. In addition, NAMCOR has set up a core and drill cuttings storage facility in which the rock samples retrieved during petroleum exploration in this country from 1960 to date are stored for use by those carrying out exploration. This data includes all seismic data, well data, engineering well reports, other oil exploration reports and aeromagnetic as well as gravity data which has been acquired in this country to date through petroleum exploration activities both offshore and onshore. The categories of the technical data are summarised as below. For more information kindly, contact the Asset Manager.


2D & 3D


  • complete data listing and map of available seismic lines based on respective seismic survey in areas of interests can be made available to potential clients.
  • Processed 2D&3D seismic data is available as digital SEGY files for the majority of offshore and onshore surveys.
  • Survey field data are stored on digital tapes.
  • Navigation data in digital format of respective surveys can be made available to potential clients.
  • Raw migrated seismic data is available for reprocessing if necessary
  • Seismic survey acquisition and processing reports are available
  • Respective seismic surveys kingdom projects are available for viewing ONLY.
  • Latest speculative and brokered NAMCOR seismic data can be purchased through respective multi-clients i.e. TGSSpectrum GeoWesternGecoPGS

  • Offshore aeromagnetic data acquired in 1998 can be provided on request to potential clients.
  • Onshore potential field data can be obtained from the Geological Survey of Namibia (
  1. All relevant technical reports that are available and categorized as follows:
    1. Well Reports:

    These are borehole specific technical reports for wells that have been drilled offshore Namibia

    1. Well Completion Reports
    • Engineering
    • Mud Logging
    • Geological
    • End of Well
    • Scanned logs (JPEG format),
    1. Geochemistry Data and Summary Reports
    • Petrography
    1. Biostratigraphy
    2. Fluid Inclusion Studies
    3. DST – Contractor’s Interpretation (Kudu Field Wells ONLY)
    • PVT
    • VSP


    1. Digital Well Log Data

    A data listing of all wells drilled offshore and onshore Namibia are available for purchasing at our head office in Windhoek:

      • Geophysical (Wireline) digital Logs are available;
    • Digital (DLIS or LAS format)
    • Check-shots.
    • Digital TIFF format


    1. Well Core Data

    A category listing of geological samples from offshore and onshore wells are available for viewing at our head office in Windhoek

      • Well Cuttings
      • Cores
    • Sidewall Cores
    • Core Photographs


    1. Regional Reports:
    2. Onshore
    • Geophysical and Geological Reports
    1. Offshore
    • Geophysical and Geological Reports
    • Geochemical Reports