Board of Directors

Ms. Jennifer Comalie


Ms. Jennifer Comalie, was appointed to the NAMCOR Board effective 10 August 2020 as the Chairperson. She is a Chartered Accountant by profession and holds qualifications from the University of Stellenbosch as well as the University of South Africa respectively. She is currently the Finance and Customer Services Strategic Executive at City of Windhoek. She started her career at Olthaver & List Trust Company Limited in June 1998 as a Group Financial Accountant. She has 20 years of continuous advancement and expertise in Strategy Development, Implementation, Finance and Accounting.


She currently serves as the Vice-Chairperson of The Namibian Ports Authority (NAMPORT) Board and her term has been extended until 16 October 2020. She is also a board member of their subsidiary board Elgin, Brown and Hammer Pty Ltd (EBH) serving until the 15 September 2020. She further serves on the Oryx Properties Limited board as well as board of Momentum Asset Management, Collective Investments and Wealth Company.

Mr. Timoteus Ekandjo

Vice Chairperson

Mr. Timoteus Ekandjo, was appointed to the NAMCOR Board effective 10 August 2020 as the Vice-Chairperson. He is a foremost leader in the fields of Human Capital, Corporate Affairs, Marketing and Leadership. He holds a Master’s in Business Leadership (MBL) from the University of South Africa, and several undergraduate qualifications from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (formerly known as Peninsula Technikon). He started his career in 2002, and now boasts over 19 years of executive management experience. He is currently employed as the Chief Human Capital & Corporate Affairs Officer at MTC.  Before this role, he served as Cluster HR Executive for Shell for over 7 African countries and was employed by Seaflower as Group HR Manager prior to the Shell role. He is the Vice Chairperson of the NBC Board of Directors and external HR expert on the Motor Vehicle Accident Fund (MVA) HR Sub-Committee. He is the Founder and President of the Institute of People Management of Namibia and passionate about human development.

Mr. Engelhardt Kongoro


Mr. Engelhardt Kongoro was re-appointed to the NAMCOR Board effective 10 August 2020 as a Director. He holds four academic degrees (MBA specialising in Business Strategy Formulation,, Honours and an Honours in Business Administration). He is currently the Managing Director at Temo Capital Private Equity Group. He started his career as a Management & Stock Accountant in 1985 at BP Namibia. He climbed the ranks in the oil and gas sector, and was later appointed the Country Manager for BP Exploration Namibia until its office closure.


He has served on several boards such as BP Namibia, BP Botswana, BP Tanzania and Kenya Petroleum Refineries Limited.

Mr. Onni-Ndangi Iithete


Mr Onni-Ndangi Iithete was re-appointed to the NAMCOR Board effective 10 August 2020 as a Director. He is a lawyer by profession and is currently employed as the Head of Legal Services at the Namibia Water Corporation Limited (NAMWATER). He was an International Fellow at the Iowa Peace Institute in the USA and coauthored the English Oshindonga Dictionary. He is a member of the Government Water Advisory Council as well as the Government Negotiating Team for the purchase of the Areva Desalination Plant.

Ms. Tersia //Gowases


Ms. Tersia //Gowases was appointed to the NAMCOR Board effective 10 August 2020 as a Director. She is currently the Executive of Information Technology and Data Processing of the Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA). She is currently pursuing her Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science at the University of Eastern Finland. She holds a Master of Science in Computer Science (MSc) from the University of Joensuu, Finland and a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science and Economics from the University of Namibia. She started her career as an Analyst Developer at the Agricultural Bank of Namibia (Agribank). She is an experienced Software Applications Developer and Human Computer Interaction Specialist and is the Chief Technical Officer of Kuru Technology Solutions CC, a company that she is also the founder.

Mr. Otto Shikongo