Exploration Assets

The Blocks 2714A & 2714B (North), 2914A (South) and 2815 & 2915 (East) are all located within the Orange Basin. The blocks are adjacent to the Kudu Gas Field, and recent exploration wells offshore Namibia have proven a working petroleum system along the margin. With the next drilling campaigns schedules for 2020 & 2021 within the Orange Basin, NAMCOR is positioned well in the event of any discovery.

Acreage: 10,945 km2


Company Allocated Interest (%)
NAMCOR (Operator) 67
Quiver 33


Farm-out Brochure 2714A and 2714B


Acreage:  5,385 km2


Company Allocated Interest (%)
Rhino Resources (Operator) 55
Korres 15


Farm-out Brochure 2914A

Acreage:  13,829 km2


Company Allocated Interest (%)
NAMCOR (Operator) 67
Giraffe Energy 33