The Energy that Keeps Namibia Moving


UNIK Construction Engineering Namibia is another client the CBU team was successful in attracting.


A 92,000 litre fuel facility was set up, which would ensure that UNIK has su - cient stock for all its operations. UNIK is participating in the Swakopmund Walvis Bay road construction project. As part of o eringtheclientavalueproposition, storageanddispensing equipment were added. “To have such facilities on site, o ers many advantages for a road construction company such as ensuring timely fuel delivery and availability of fuel at all times” said Commercial & Marketing Manager Kosmos Damaseb. The volume requirement for UNIK is about 1.2 mil- lion per year, which would significantly boost the fuel sales leading to increased revenue. “This would signi - cantly contribute to CBU’s e orts of achieving their wildly important goal (WIG) of increasing their revenue stream through the increase in sales of petroleum products.

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