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Sasol turbodieselTM ULS is a highly refined, middle distillate, low sulphur hydrocarbon fuel, formulated for optimum performance in all diesel engines. It can be fully synthetic or crude-oil derived.


It is intended for use :

    • In high-speed, compression-ignition diesel engines of all sizes and applications
    • It is ideally suitable for latest model vehicles requiring ultra low sulphur diesel as well as specific niche applications
    • As an environmentally friendly diesel for sensitive applications in underground automotive/locomotive applications

Sasol turbodieselTM ULS bears the SANS Mark, complying with SANS 342 (low sulphur grade).It is dyed purple to enable easy visual identification.

Features and Benefits

It complies with SABS 342 (low sulphur grade) and meets the requirements of the now outdated SABS 1754.

Sasol TurboDieselTM ULS offers the following benefits:

  • Extended oil drains and service intervals due to ultra low sulphur content
  • Less engine wear and longer life
  • High cetane number to minimise ignition delay and thus eliminate engine knock
  • Cleaner combustion
  • Ease of starting and rapid warm-up of cold engines
  • Excellent lubrication of rotary and in-line diesel injector pumps due to addition of a special additive
  • Excellent cold flow properties to prevent blockage of in-line filters due to wax crystallisation under low temperature conditions

REMARKS: The production technology of Sasol TurboDieselTM ULS is based on the internationally known Sasol process. It is also supported by one of the most modern fuel research facilities in the world, situated in Sasolburg.

Product Properties

Density @ 20°C kg/m3 820
90% Volume Recovery °C 345
Cetane Number   49
Flash Point (PMCC) °C 58
Cold Filter Plugging Point: °C –7
Viscosity @ 40°C Mm2/s 2,3
Lubricity (HFRR) microns <460
Sulphur Content % m/m <0.005
Water Content Mg/kg 100
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