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Sasol Graphite Ca Grease EP 2 is a dark grey/ black colour grease containing premium quality base oils, calcium base soap and finely dispersed lubricating graphite. Multipurpose Grease, Extreme Pressure, Graphite Based Calcium Complex, NLGI-2.


Sasol Graphite Ca Grease EP 2 is recommended for use in open gears, pantographs, pump glands, link pins, bushes and linkages. Also, it could be used in rail and flange lubricating equipment, pantograph copper strips, contact wires, steam locomotive pins, bogie centre’s, synchro-lift wire ropes and it is ideally suited for plain bearings on welding machines or where plain bearings are badly worn.

Features and Benefits

Sasol Graphite Ca grease EP 2 has the following features and benefits:

  • Lessens maintenance costs: The solid film lubricant protect against component wear under high load conditions and shock loading
  • Ease of application: Good pumpability characteristics of calcium thickener provide suitable flow properties for grease pump application systems.
  • Reduces re-lubrication costs: Superior adhesiveness ensures grease stays in placed and resist leakage, even in the most severer and shock load conditions.

Typical Characteristics

Worked Penetration 0,1 mm 280 D217 50
Drop Point °C, min 90 D217 132
NLGI classification   2    
Graphite content % (m/m) 10    
Colour, Visual   Grey/black    

Storage and Handling

  • Avoid elevated temperatures (exceeding 100°C) and contact with water and other fluids.
  • Do not store in open or unlabelled containers.
  • Store away from strong oxidising agents or combustible material.

Pack Information

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