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NAMCOR is ready to make its long awaited entry into the fuel retail market. This entry into the very competitive retail fuel market will require an aggressive and refined marketing strategy given the long existence of the international players with strong brands currently operating in the country

The company will enter the market and roll out its retail strategy via organic and inorganic growth. Whereas an organic network development strategy entails the construction of NTI’s (New-To -Industry) retail fuel outlets an inorganic development strategy entails the purchase of infrastructure of existing players (i.e NAMCOR had the opportunity to acquire BP’s assets at some point) or through the take-over of DODO (Dealer Owned Dealer Operated fuel retail outlets).

The key markets in Namibia are the Central, Coastal and the Northern areas. NAMCOR will also roll out IEC’s (Integrated Energy Centre’s) for the provision of petroleum products in the rural areas.

NAMCOR’s downstream strategy is to establish and secure strategically located fuels and lubricant distribution networks, as well as sales infrastructure to boost the company’s brand and provide world-class service to our valued customers and business partners.

In line with this Downstream strategy, NAMCOR took a decision to enter the retail fuel business by setting up retail fuel outlets (petrol service stations) in Namibia. To accomplish this successfully, a brand strategy had to be developed to serve as a brand guideline for NAMCOR’s envisaged retail fuel network.  

The brand strategy would serve as the foundation upon which NAMCOR would develop what is known as a Retail Visual Identity (RVI).

An RVI is a standardized approach detailing various visuals and operational elements on how to actually present and built a successful retail fuel brand. The purpose of the RVI is to enable NAMCOR to effortlessly enter the retail fuel market, attract the right partners (service station operators) and most essentially improve security of fuel supplies in the areas where its service stations would be located.

To develop a brand strategy we embarked on an intense study of the local, regional and international fuel retailing market. This study revealed various opportunities and threats in the market, as well as strengths and weakness of the current NAMCOR brand. The most notable discovery was that our brand lags behind most of our competitors locally and internationally.

Based on our findings a decision was taken to redevelop our brand. Our new brand has to be inline with our retail strategy in order to enable NAMCOR to enter the market effectively. Based on our SWOT analysis we adopted the following brand pillars of our RVI strategy:

  • Incorporate the use of technology
  • Be a Responsible brand (SHEQ)
  • Be Friendly and approachable
  • Have Modern and stylish designs
  • Be a truly Namibian brand (Different).


Clearly our current brand is not in line with most if not all these brand pillars resulting in a decision to change the brand. The re-branding exercise entailed studying various new logo options which all had to embody elements of our new brand position.

In the end the logo now known as the “NAMCOR SPIRAL” was selected as our RVI logo. The logo is inspired by the 12 pointed sun on the Namibian flag as well as a fossil know as a cephalopod. A colour scheme that talks best to our RVI had to be developed as well. This proved a bit difficult as most of the primary colours are closely linked to our competitors.

Thus the colour orange was chosen as our primary brand colour. This is because orange is nowhere used in the Namibian retail fuel market and it has aspects such as sunshine, enthusiasm, success, and determination. The various shades of orange in the logo are also reference to the beautiful sunsets Namibia has to offer. In the local retail fuel market orange is a colour that has yet to be captured by anyone thus it presents an opportunity for NAMCOR to own the colour.

Once the logo and colour where selected the whole RVI brand was developed around the logo. However, it did not make much business sense to have separate brand for our RVI and the old brand for the rest of NAMCOR. Thus a decision was taken to adopt the RVI brand to the rest of the company’s operations as our main brand.

The new brand was designed with versatility in mind such that it can be adopted to all aspects of NAMCOR’s business.

For further information, please contact:

Immanuel Mulunga, MD

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