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Sasol Brick Cleaner is a solvent emulsion degreaser that contains emulsifiers and grease cutters that remove oil, grease and heavy grime. It is a rapid oil and grease stain remover from concrete.


  • Pour the Sasol Brick Cleaner undiluted onto stained areas and allow a few minutes until the solvent has penetrated and lifted the stain. Use a brush or broom and agitate the area to be cleaned. Hose the area off with water. Repeat the process for deep soaked stains.
  • Sasol Brick Cleaner may be applied by means of foaming equipment, spraying equipment and conventional brushing methods. It may be diluted with water, heated to a maximum of 50°C and can be used as a soak tank cleaner for degreasing small parts.
  • Light Duty Cleaning: Dilute 1 : 20 with water
  • Heavy Duty Cleaning: Dilute 1 part SASOL Brick Cleaner with 3 – 4 parts water or petroleum solvent

Features and Benefits

Sasol brick cleaner has the following features:

  • It has powerful degreasing properties and is biodegradable
  • Cleans without agitation
  • It can also act as an effective grease and tar remover
  • It contains environmentally acceptable solvents

Typical Characteristics

Density 0.93
Smell Aromatic
Colour Clear Amber
pH 9.0 – 10.5

Storage and Handling

  • Sasol brick cleaner may be stored in heavy duty polyethylene drums.
  • Keep the container closed at all times.
  • Ensure that the product is used in a well ventilated area and that protective clothing is used when handling the product.

Pack Information

Product CodePack Size
301047 4x5 L
300122 20 L
300812 210 L
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