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Sasol Vehicle Cleaner contains a blend of surfactants, alkali builders and sequestering agents that are effective in the removal of soot, grime, stubborn diesel stains

and the last layer of “TRAFFIC FILM” that is usually difficult to remove from transport vehicles.


Apply Sasol Vehicle Cleaner with an auto wash broom or through a foam applicator system or high pressure cleaner. Rinse well with water. For best results, the vehicle should be washed in the shade.

  • HAND WASHED METHOD : Dilute 1 : 50 with water
  • FOAM APPLICATOR SYSTEM : Can dilute up to 1 : 20 with water
  • HIGH PRESSURE CLEANER : Can dilute up to 1 : 100 with water

Features and Benefits

Sasol Vehicle Cleaner

  • Safe on painted surfaces
  • Good rinsability
  • Ease of application
  • Safe on tarpaulins
  • Good oil and water separation

First Aid

  • Eyes – Rinse with water and seek medical attention
  • Skin – Wash contact area with soap and water
  • Ingestion – Drink water and seek medical attention
  • Inhalation – Remove patient to fresh air

Typical Characteristics

Density 1.07
Smell None
Colour Orange Liquid
pH 12.00 – 12.5 (Product as it is)

Storage and Handling

  • Sasol Vehicle Cleaner may be stored in heavy duty polyethylene drums.
  • Keep the container closed at all times.
  • Ensure that the product is used in a well ventilated area and that protective clothing is used when handling the product.

Pack Information

  20x500 mL
  20 L
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