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Sasol Solvent Degreaser contains aromatic solvents and emulsifiers that effectively remove heavy grease, oil, grime and tar from all surfaces.


Spray or brush onto the surface either neat or diluted with up to 10 parts paraffin. Allow to penetrate and loosen dirt, then flush off with water. SOLVENT DEGREASER will dull and strip decorative paints. Do not use through a steam pressure washer.

NB:Sasol Solvent Degreaser is FLAMMABLE. The flash point is 48 °C. Keep away from open flames.

Features and Benefits

  • It has powerful degreasing properties and cleans without agitation
  • It is an excellent tar / bitumen remover
  • It is easily rinsed off with water

Typical Characteristics

Density 0.9
Smell Aromatic
Colour Blue
Colour Blue
PH (5 % sol) 7.0-9.0

Storage and Handling

  • Avoid prolonged skin contact.
  • Do not expose to high temperatures.
  • Store in metal drums.
  • Store in cool areas and atmospheric pressures.

Pack Information

Product CodePack Size
300123 20 L
300124 210 L
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