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Sasol Rod Drill Compound is a mixture of water and emulsifiers to form water in oil emulsion.


Sasol Rod Drill Compound is recommended for use in the rock drill and rock drill machines in the mining industry.

Features and Benefits

Sasol Rod Drill Compound has the following features and benefits:

  • Reduces maintenance by minimizing wear on heavily loaded parts
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Provides an effective lubricant film which reduces wear and prevents seizure

Typical Characteristics

Density @ 20 °C kg/l 0.884 D4052 365
Colour, Visual   Creamy    
Viscosity @ 40°C mm²/s 118 D445 71
Viscosity @ 100°C mm²/s 12 D445 71
Viscosity index   92 D2270 226
Pour Point °C -12 D97 15

Storage and Handling

  • Avoid elevated temperatures (exceeding 100°C) and contact with water and other fluids.
  • Do not store in open or unlabelled containers.
  • Store away from strong oxidising agents or combustible material.

Pack Information

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