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Sasol Petroleum Jelly is a soft, unctuous, translucent, smooth-textured, white gel containing specially refined mineral oils and selected waxes. It is insoluble in water and ethanol but fully soluble in chloroform, ether and petroleum spirits. Its purity conforms to both the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) and British Pharmacopoeia (BP).


Sasol Petroleum Jelly can freely be spread onto the skin to serve as an almost odourless lubricant and protective emollient. It can be used as a base in medicinal products such as ointments and a wide range of cosmetics.

Features and Benefits

Sasol Petroleum Jelly can also be used as a temporary corrosion preventive on surfaces such as battery terminals. It is readily removed from such surfaces by wiping them with a cloth wetted with mineral turpentine.

Product Specifications

  • British Pharmacopoeia 93 Paraffinum MolleU.S.
  • Pharmacopoeia Petrolatum

Typical Characteristics

Viscosity @ 100°C mm²/s 6,2 D445 71
Worked Penetration (Immediate) 0,1 mm 250 D217 50
Worked Penetration (1 h recovery) 0,1 mm 235 D217 50
Unworked Penetration 0,1 mm 170 D937 179
Congealing Point °C 55 D938 76
Solidification Point °C 54,5 D3944  
Density @ 20°C kg/m3 852 D4052 365
Water   Nil Crackle  
Sulphated Ash % Nil D874 163
Flash Point (COC) °C 206 D92 36
Colour Lovibond 1,0 Y   17
Drop Point °C 57   371
Acidity & Alkalinity   Neutral BP Litmus Test  
UV Absorptivity   0,12 D2008  
Odour   Almost odourless Olfactory  
Texture   Smooth Visual  
Ductility   Medium Fibre Visual  

Storage and Handling

  • Avoid temperatures above 100°C and strong oxidizing agents
  • Ambient temperatures and atmospheric pressures normally encountered within buildings or roofed-over outdoor storage areas are acceptable
  • Avoid entering areas where mists or vapours have built up as a result of abnormal temperatures or pressures without the proper breathing equipment and protective clothing

Pack Information

Product CodePack Size
300084 4 kg
300139 4 x 4 kg
301291 175 kg
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