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Sasol Food Grade All Purpose S 32, 68, 150 & 320 are a series of high quality synthetic poly alpha-olefin (PAO) based lubricating oils.


Sasol Food Grade All Purpose S 32, 68, 150 & 320 are suitable for use in hydraulic systems, in gearboxes, in circulation systems (heat transfer fluid), for conveyors, slide-ways, dosage apparatus, valves, pneumatic mechanisms, oil spray lubrication, bearings, spindles and joints, vacuum pumps, for screw and piston compressors.

Features and Benefits

Sasol Food Grade All Purpose S 32, 68, 150 & 320 offer the following features and benefits:

  • They are high purity grade oils and are odourless, tasteless and non-toxic
  • They have low volatility that reduces oil consumption as well as low tendency to form sludge or coke
  • They are compatible with seals
  • Excellent rust and corrosion protection properties

Product Specifications

  • FDA 178.3750
  • USDA H1
  • FDA Reg.21CFR 178.3620-3570

Typical Characteristics

Viscosity           D445 71
@ 100°C mm²/s 6.1 10.0 19 33    
@ 40°C mm²/s 32 68 150 320    
Viscosity Index   135 145 145 150 D2270 226
Pour Point °C -60 -54 <-42 <-30 D97 15
Flash Point (COC) °C 240 250 270 275 D92 36
Density @ 15°C kg/m3 828 837 842 845 D4052 365
FZG test Din ISO 14635-1 stage >12 >12 >12 >12    
Copper Corrosion rating 1A 1A 1A 1A D130  

PropertyUnits3268150320ASTMIPViscosity     D44571@ 100°Cmm²/s6.110.01933  @ 40°Cmm²/s3268150320  Viscosity Index 135145145150D2270226Pour Point°C-60-54<-42<-30D9715Flash Point (COC)°C240250270275D9236Density @ 15°Ckg/m3828837842845D4052365FZG test Din ISO 14635-1stage>12>12>12>12  Copper Corrosionrating1A1A1A1AD130 

Storage and Handling

  • Use PVC, nitrile or other oil resistant gloves and protective clothing to prevent skin contact.
  • Where eye contact is a potential hazard, goggles should be worn.
  • Avoid temperatures above 80°C and strong oxidizing agents.
  • Ambient temperatures and atmospheric pressures normally encountered within buildings or roofed-over outdoor storage areas are acceptable.
  • Avoid entering areas where mists or vapours have built up as a result of abnormal temperatures or pressures without the proper breathing equipment and protective clothing.

Pack Information

GradesProduct CodePack Size
Food Grade All Purpose S150   20 L
    210 L
Food Grade All Purpose S320   20 L
    210 L
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