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Sasol Screw Compressor Oil Synthetic 46/68 is PAO-based compressor lubricant that was designed to provide long-term lubrication of both rotary-vane and oil-flooded screw compressors.


  • Sasol Screw Compressor Oil Synthetic 46/68 is recommended for use in compressors such as:
  • Oil flooded rotary screw compressors
  • Oil flooded rotary vane compressors
  • Reciprocating compressors

Nominal operating range for Sasol Screw Compressor Oil Synthetic 46/68 is -400C to 2050C.

Features and Benefits

  • Fewer oil changes for reduced maintenance
  • Compatible with compressor seals, gaskets, hoses, and air system components
  • Resistance to oxidation with reduced compressor varnish and deposits
  • Greatly reduces fire and explosion hazard
  • Longer service life and greater protection of compressor components
  • Lower oil consumption

Product Specifications

  • Tested and approved by Knorr-Bremse AG (Knorr Brake Corporation).

Typical Characteristics

Property Units 46/68 ASTM IP
      ASTM D2422  
Viscosity     D445 71
@ 100°C mm²/s 8.13    
@ 40°C mm²/s 55.3    
@-25 mm²/s 3672    
Viscosity Index   116 D2270 226
Humidity % 0.02 D1744 313
Total Acid Number mgKOH/g 0.05 D664  
Pour Point °C -66 D97 15
Flash Point (COC) °C 260 D92 36
Demulsibility @ 54°C oil/water/emulsion (min) ml 40/38/2(15) D1401  
Density @ 15°C kg/m3 0.864 D4052 365
Evaporation, 22 hrs @ 210ºF % <1 D972  
Copper Strip Corrosion 8 hrs @ 100 °C rating 1A D130  
Four-Ball Wear, 1200 rpm, 75 0C, 40 kg, 1 hr, mm   0.6 D4172  
Foaming Tendency, Sequence I, II, III   Nil D892  
Specific Gravity @ 15.60C   085 D1298  

Storage and Handling

  • Use PVC, nitrile or other oil resistant gloves and protective clothing to prevent skin contact.
  • Where eye contact is a potential hazard, goggles should be worn.
  • Avoid temperatures exceeding 80°C.
  • Avoid temperatures above 80°C and strong oxidizing agents.
  • Ambient temperatures and atmospheric pressures normally encountered within buildings or roofed-over outdoor storage areas are acceptable.
  • Avoid entering areas where mists or vapours have built up as a result of abnormal temperatures or pressures without the proper breathing equipment and protective clothing.

Pack Information

GradesProduct CodePack SizeGrades
46/68   20 L  
    210 L  
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