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Sasol Damper Oil 37 is premium quality fully synthetic shock absorbing fluid, particularly for racing vehicles.

It has very high viscosity index, excellent anti-wear, thermal and oxidation stability anti-rust properties. It contains proper frictional and elastomer compatibility properties.


Sasol Damper Oil 37 is intended for use as a shock absorbing fluid or damper oil in severe operating conditions. These include but not limited to:

  • Racing vehicle shock systems
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Highly loaded equipment fitted with oil shock absorbers
  • Equipment working in very cold or very hot ambient temperature conditions
  • Other applications where operating viscosity changes must be minimised

Features and Benefits

Sasol Damper Oil 37 is a very high viscosity index fully synthetic based oil having the other following benefits:

  • Good anti-wear properties
  • Excellent thermal and oxidative stability
  • Good fluid frictional properties
  • Maintenance of operating viscosity in varying conditions of temperature and pressure

Typical Characteristics

Viscosity     D445 71
@ 100°C mm²/s 8    
@ 40°C mm²/s 37    
Viscosity Index   197 D2270 226
Pour Point °C < -55 D97 15
Flash Point (COC) °C 250 D92 36
Density @ 20°C kg/m3 832 D4052 365

Storage and Handling

  • Use PVC, nitrile or other oil resistant gloves and protective clothing to prevent skin contact. Where eye contact is a potential hazard, goggles should be worn.
  • Avoid temperatures above 80°C and strong oxidizing agents.
  • Ambient temperatures and atmospheric pressures normally encountered within buildings or roofed-over outdoor storage areas are acceptable.
  • Avoid entering areas where mists or vapours have built up as a result of abnormal temperatures or pressures without the proper breathing equipment and protective clothing.

Pack Information

GradesProduct CodePack Size
37   5 L
    20 L
    210 L
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