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Sasol Racing Coolant Conc 100 is a high-performance coolant and heat transfer fluid free from Nitrogen, Aromatics and Phosphates. The Sasol Racing Coolant Conc 100 contains carefully selected,

advanced technology organic compounds in a glycol base to ensure superior cooling system protection for extended periods in all water-cooled internal combustion engines. It offers superior corrosion protection while ensuring excellent compatibility with the rubber, gasket and metallic components of the engine cooling system which come into contact with the engine coolant.

Sasol Racing Coolant Conc 100 is dark green in colour.


For the coolant to perform at optimum levels, dilution levels of 50 – 60 % v/v in water (preferably deionised or soft water) are recommended. It is recommended that the cooling system coolant be replaced annually.

Sasol Racing Coolant Conc 100 provides year-round cooling system protection for all water-cooled internal combustion engines including:

  • All passenger vehicle
  • All light and heavy duty vehicles
  • All on- and off-highway vehicles

Before a cooling system is filled with Sasol Racing Coolant Conc 100, it should be drained and thoroughly flushed with clean water. Do not top up with plain water but use the same mixture as used for the initial fill.


Features and Benefits

The Sasol Racing Coolant Conc. 100 offers:

  • Protection of the cooling system against damage as a result of coolant freezing during inclement weather
  • Inhibition of corrosion inside the radiator, engine and other component surfaces exposed to the coolant
  • Extended-life performance due to low additive depletion rates

Typical Characteristics

Appearance @ 20°C Clear Complies Visual
Hard Water Compatability Clear Complies Visual
Relative Density @ 15°C/15°C   1,123 D1122
pH Value (50% solution) % 7,5 D1287
Refractive Index @ 20°C nD 1,44 D1747
Reserve Alkalinity ml, 0,1N HCL 18 D1121
Flash Point (COC) °C 118 D92
Boiling Point °C 170 D1120
Freezing Point: °C   D1177
25,0% Solution   -13  
50,0% Solution   -37  
Water Content % v/v 2  D1123
Foaming (1 : 2) ml 45,0 D1881
Foam collapse time s 2,0 D1881
Ash Content % m/m 2,03 D1119
Corrosion Test: mg     D1384
• Copper   1,0  
• Solder   2,0  
• Brass   1,5  
• Steel   1,0  
• Cast Iron   1,0  
• Cast Aluminium   2,0  

Storage and Handling

  • Keep container tightly closed in a dry and cool place.
  • Ambient temperatures and atmospheric pressures normally encountered within buildings or roofed-over outdoor storage areas are acceptable.
  • Avoid entering areas where mists or vapours have built up as a result of abnormal temperatures or pressures without the proper breathing equipment and protective clothing.
  • For containers or container linings, use carbon steel or stainless steel.
  • Galvanized containers not recommended.

Pack Information

Product CodePack Size
  20 L
  210 L
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