The Energy that Keeps Namibia Moving

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Economics, Natural Resources & Public Administration recently, visited the national oil company’s headquarters in Windhoek. Managing Director Obeth Kandjoze gave them a wide ranging presentation, on the numerous activities of the company.


He highlighted the upstream and downstream business activities as the key business arms of the company. Under the upstream leg, NAMCOR is involved in the active promotion of Namibia’s hydrocarbon potential, the provision of technical advise to the Ministry of Mines & Energy as well as the management and sales of seismic data. Kandjoze explained that the company currently has 35 minority stakes of between 5% and 15% in oil exploration licenses. A major project under the upstream leg, is the Kudu gas to power project.

Under the downstream leg, NAMCOR’s is working towards regaining its 50% import mandate of refined oil products, from Government. The company is also working closely with Government to secure access to the strategic storage of fuel. He noted that Namibia currently has a capacity of 15 days of fuel storage, a situation he said leaves the country at risk, should unforeseen eventualities surface.

Namibian Petroleum Geo-Scientists & Engineers Join NAMCOR

Five out of six NAMCOR and PETROFUND sponsored MSc graduates successfully completed their postgraduate degrees in both Petroleum Geosciences and Petroleum Engineering, at top UK universities. The five have taken up employment with NAMCOR in the areas of their expertise, in accordance with their scholarship agreements.

They are Lamek Kamati (Geoscientist), Anthony Chatu (Geoscientist), Bufelo Lushetile (Geoscientist), Petrus Sindimba (Petroleum Engineer) and Lukas Kandowa (Petroleum Engineer). Kamati remains appreciative both for the scholarship and job opportunities. “Studying at a world renown university in Aberdeen, Scotland is a life time opportunity, considering that this is the oil capital of Europe.”

Echoing his remarks, Sindimba is optimistic that they would contribute towards generating more data that would enable the country “to hit the oil”. Kandowa expressed appreciation to Petrofund’s humanitarian gesture, saying it is a significant contribution to Namibian oil and gas sector. “Petrofund has done an honourable thing to build capacity in the oil and gas sectors. It makes Namibia more independent in terms of expertise in these these areas. I am equally appreciative to NAMCOR for the priceless training opportunities in the USA and elsewhere around the world. This will enhance our potential to become valuable assets to the company and the Namibian nation at large.

In a speech delivered on his behalf recently at a career fair in Grootfontein, NAMCOR’s Managing Director Obeth Kandjoze encouraged learners to take up petroleum related studies. He described them as both “fulfilling” and “rewarding” saying Namibia still had a dire lack of these professionals. “Namibia’s petroleum industry finds it quite challenging filling some specialized positions, because such expertise is simply not there at times. Industry often has to resort to seeking expertise outside the country. As I speak, there are some vacancies NAMCOR has not had much luck in finding local talent.”

N$7 Million Data Center Building

As part of NAMCOR’s tireless efforts to promote Namibia as an attractive destination for petroleum potential, the company is in the process of setting up a Data Center. Costs of putting up the building and equipping will be between N$6 and N$7 million. The Exploration & Production (E&P) and the Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) departments are working closely on the project, which is scheduled to be finalized by March 2015.

Exploration & Production Executive Uaapi Utjavari described the project as crucial, for enhancing data safety. “We acquire this data offshore at a cost of N$1000 per square kilo metre. There is no chance of acquiring the data again when you loose it. As such, one has to keep it very safe”.

Utjavari remarked that the data was also critical in “marketing Namibia’s hydrocarbon potential internationally”. “Potential investors make prospects on the basis of the data,” said Utjavari.

N$32 000 Donation to David Shingo Combined School

As part of its social responsibility initiatives, NAMCOR donated an amount of N$32 000 to the David Shingo Combined School in the Ohangwena Region. The funds were used to upgrade the school’s sports and recreational facilities, as well as the purchase of some sports items. ICT Manager Bonny Konjore attended the official inauguraton at Eenhana on behalf of the Managing Director. The School principal, staff and learners expressed gratitude for NAMCOR’s humanitarian gesture.

NAMCOR’s draws huge interest at U.S Petroleum Exhibition

The National Petroleum Corporation of Namibia (Namcor) participated in the North American Petroleum Expo 2014, in Houston, Texas, USA that took place on February 4 to 7. Numerous international investors visited the Namcor stand at the expo to enquire about Namibia's petroleum investment opportunities.

"It was an important oil and gas platform that offered an immense network base to Namcor and Namibia," said Namcor's Managing Director Obeth Kandjoze on the company's participation in the expo.

Namcor also used the expo to promote its Kudu gas and data management projects.

The Kudu gas project is the main strategic power generation project for Namibia, while the data management project will assist Namcor market Namibia's hydrocarbon exploration potential internationally, on the basis of the data at hand.

"[Participation in the expo] gives Namcor and the Namibian petroleum sector appropriate publicity, while at the same time affording a unique opportunity to interact with service providers and potential investors," said Namcor Kudu gas project leader Manfredt Muundjua.

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