About us

Who we are

Petroleum House, NAMCOR central offices

The National Petroleum Corporation of Namibia, NAMCOR, is a legally enacted entity with limited liability under the Namibian Companies Act of 1973. The Government of the Republic of Namibia is its sole shareholder.

Under the Petroleum (Exploration and Production) Act of 1991 NAMCOR (Pty) Ltd has the right to carry out reconnaissance, exploration and production operations either on its own or in partnership with other organisations in the industry.

Our Vision

To be a world-class petroleum organisation providing sustainable benefits to all stakeholders.

Our Mission

  • ensuring security of supply, through upstream and downstream operations;
  • harnessing innovative industry best practices;
  • proactively embracing international safety, health and environmental protocols;
  • recruiting and retaining high performing, passionate and competent people.

Core Values / Identity

Teamwork: We will work together as a cohesive and disciplined unit.

Integrity: We will always be honest, trustworthy and show respect in all our dealings,

Professionalism: We expect all our people to be competent, self-disciplined, dedicated to service excellence, innovative, responsive and accountable for all our actions.

Equity: We will always be fair and equitable in all our dealings.

Safety: We will uphold health, safety, security and environmental protocols.

What we do

Upstream Activities

Kudu 6 platform

Exploration & Production

NAMCOR's main business is to ensure the optimum exploitation of Namibia 's petroleum resources and meaningful Namibian participation in resulting business developments in petroleum related exploration activities. The company also acts as advisor to the Ministry of Mines and Energy and assists it in monitoring the exploration activities of licensees.


This is an activity that requires the active marketing or promotion of the hydrocarbon potential of the Namibian acreage to local and international oil exploration and production companies.

Having identified prospects and leads with potential for accumulating hydrocarbons and having carried out all necessary petroleum geological and geophysical work required, such acreage is offered to local and international oil companies. In furtherance of the above, the company attends important international oil and gas promotion conferences targeting the oil capitals/centres of the world in order to cover as wide a spectrum of clients as possible.

Advisory and Regulatory role

The institutional role of NAMCOR is to actively promote the hydrocarbon potential of Namibia. In exercising this role the company is tasked with advising the Ministry of Mines and Energy on policy issues regarding the upstream petroleum industry and monitoring the petroleum activities of oil companies operating within Namibia.

NAMCOR has since independence facilitated the signing of several petroleum agreements with international oil companies. These agreements have been the result of four bidding rounds and an open licensing system which was adopted as an alternative to the bidding rounds.

To date, 53 exploration licences, 1 production licence, and 2 Coal Bed Methane licences have been issued to Namibian and International oil companies. Ocerall, a total of 18 wells have been drilled, offshore Namibia, of which 8 wells have been drilled in the Kudu Licence. As a result of these and numerous otheronshore exploration activites, an extensive geological and geophysical database on petroleum activites within Namibia is in place.

The database consist of data from 15 wells drilled within Namibia, both onshore and offshore. In total more than 120 000 line kilometres of 2D seismic data and more than 25 000km of 3D seismic data have been acquired.


Downstream activities

Walvis Bay Depot

Downstream Operations

The term “downstream operation” is commonly used to refer to the refining of crude oil as well as the marketing and distribution of petroleum products derived from it.

NAMCOR entered the marketing and distribution sectors of the business through participation in fuel tenders in line with its new strategy of building an integrated oil company that would compete on an equal footing with other industry players. It is important to note that, although NAMCOR is wholly owned by the Government of the Republic of Namibia, it is equally required to comply with the same legislation as all other industry players.

The transportation, storage, marketing and distribution of petroleum products (petrol and diesel) are controlled by the Government of the Republic of Namibia through the following legislation:

  • Petroleum Products and Energy Act, 1990 (Act 13 of 1990)
  • Petroleum Products and Energy Amendment Act, 1994 (Act 29 of 1994)
  • Petroleum Products and Energy Amendment Act, 2000
  • Petroleum Products Regulations, 2000

Bulk Storage Facilities

Petroleum is a strategic commodity for any country and Namibia is no exception. The country is heavily dependent on refined fuels for providing energy in industrial activities such as transport, electricity generation, road construction and mining etc. NAMCOR refurbished and launched the Otjiwarongo Bulk Fuel Depot on 10 November 2009. This storage facility and many others to come, will be for commercial as well as strategic fuel supplies in order to ensure that all Namibians have access to fuel.

The Otjiwarongo Depot is a world class facility. Its Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (HSSE) standards are state of the art. The Depot is fully automated and will provide the functionality for NAMCOR to view storage tank levels and all transactions from its Head Office in Windhoek. NAMCOR acquired a twenty five percent equity stake in the Keetmanshoop depot and can now supply customers from that area. A similar facility was completed at Mariental in February 2011 to serve customers in the area. As with other NAMCOR facilities, this Depot complies with internationally accepted environmental and safety standards.


NAMCOR recently launched NAMCOR branded lubricants to its product range in conjunction with Sasol Oil Ltd. The lubricants are intended for different sectors such as mining, agriculture and automotives.